"A Little Tour of France" by Henry James 1900 (10)

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The young Prince of Joinville, son of that Duke of Guise who was by the order of Henry II. at Blois, was, after the death of his father, here for more than two years, but made his escape one summer in 1591, under the nose of his keepers, with a gallant audacity which has the memory of the exploit to his sullen- prison. Tours has a garrison of five , and the little red-legged soldiers light up the town. You see them stroll upon the clean, uncommercial quay, where there are no signs of , not even by oar, no barrels nor bales, no nor unloading, no masts against the sky nor booming of steam in the air. The most active business that goes on there is that patient and fruitless angling in which the French, as the of art for art, excel all other people. The little , weighed down by the of their enormous pockets, pass with respect from one of these of the rod to the other, as he sits an indefinite bait in the large, indifferent stream. After you turn your back to the quay you have only to go a little way before you reach the cathedral.