A Little Tour of France by Henry James 1900 (2)
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He is by fine old traditions, religious, social, , culinary; and he may have the of feeling that he is French to the core. No part of his country is more characteristically . Normandy is Normandy, Burgundy is Burgundy, Provence is Provence; but Touraine is France. It is the land of Rabelais, of Descartes, of Balzac, of good and good company, as well as good dinners and good houses. George Sand has somewhere a passage about the mildness, the convenient quality, of the physical conditions of France—"son climat souple et chaud, ses pluies abondantes et courtes.” In the autumn of 1882 the rains perhaps were less short than abundant; but when the days were fine it was impossible that anything in the way of weather could be more charming. The vineyards and orchards rich in the fresh, gay light; was everywhere, but everywhere it seemed to be easy.