A Little Tour of France by Henry James 1900 (3)
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There was no visible ; thrift and success presented themselves as matters of good taste. The white caps of the glittered in the sunshine, and their well-made sabots clicked on the hard, clean roads. Touraine is a land of old châteaux,—a gallery of architectural specimens and of large hereditary . The peasantry have less of the luxury of ownership than in most other parts of France; though they have enough of it to give them quite their share of that shrewdly conservative look which, in the little chaffering place of the market-town, the observes so often in the brown masks that surmount the agricultural blouse. This is, moreover, the heart of the old monarchy; and as that monarchy was splendid and picturesque, a reflection of the splendour still in the current of the Loire. Some of the most striking events of French history have occurred on the banks of that river, and the soil it waters bloomed for a while with the of the Renaissance.