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Henry James, Jr.


When ______ Monday came it was obvious that every one (......) had gone out of town. There was hardly a ____ of shutters in the West End that was not ______; there was not a bell that it was any ___ to pull. The weather was detestable, the rain incessant, ___ the fact that all one's friends were away gave ___ plenty of leisure to reflect that the country must __ the reverse of enlivening. But all one's friends had ____ thither (this is the unanimity I began by talking _____), and to keep down as much as possible the ___________ of that game of hide-and-seek of which, at the ____, so much of London social life consists, it seemed ____ to bring within the limits of the dull season ___ such excursion as one might have projected in commemoration __ the first days of spring. After due cogitation I ____ a little visit to Canterbury and Dover, taking Rochester __ the way, and it was of this momentous journey ____ I proposed, in beginning these remarks, to give an _______. But I have dallied so much by the way ____ I have come almost to my rope's end without ________ my first stage. I should have begun, artistically, by ________ that I put myself in the humor for remote _________ by going down the Thames on a penny steamboat _____ Tower! This was on the Saturday before Easter and ___ City was as silent as the grave.