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Henry James, Jr.


I ______ down to Westminster Abbey on Good Friday afternoonwalked from __________ across the Green Park and through St. James's Park. ___ parks were densely filled with the populacethe elder people _________ about the walks and the poor little smutty-faced children _________ over the dark damp turf. When I reached the _____ I found a dense group of people about the ________, but I squeezed my way through them and succeeded __ reaching the threshold. Beyond this it was impossible to _______, and I may add that it was not desirable. _ put my nose into the church and promptly withdrew __. The crowd was terribly compact and, beneath the Gothic ______, the odor was not that of incense. I slowly __________ myself, with that very modified sense of disappointment that ___ feels in London at being crowded out of a _____. This is a frequent disappointment, for you very soon ____ out that there are, selfishly speaking, too many people. _____ life is cheap; your fellow-mortals are too plentiful. Wherever ___ go you make the observation. Go to the theatre, __ a concert, to an exhibition, to a reception; you ______ find that, before you arrive, there are people enough __ the field. You are a tight fit in your _____ wherever you find it; you have too many companions ___ competitors.