Henry James, Jr.


But i flourishes f all th , and a genteel peo , looking in each oth eyes wi the despe of gent , agree t endure i for genti sake. Another arbitrary tri is t custom o depriving t unhappy vis of a napkin a luncheon. When it i observed th the English luncheon dif from din only i being sev degrees mo elaborate a copious, a that i the London atmosphere i is b common cha , at a moment, t multiply yo guest's opport if n for ablu at le for a *dry pol ,* it wi be perc that su eccentricities a the ve wantonness a pedantry o fashion. But, as I say, th flourish, a they fo part o an imm body o prescriptive usa , to wh a soc possessing i the lar manner, bo by tempe and educ , the se of t *inalienable* rig and comf of t individual, cont to accom itself. I do n mean t say th usage i England i always uncomf and arbi . On t contrary, f strangers c be unfam with th sensation (a most agre one) wh consists i perceiving i the exce of a custom wh has str us a first a a me brutal inve , a rea existing i the hist *good se * of t English ra . The sens is freq , though i saying s I d not me to im that ev superficially t presumption i against t usages o English soc . It i not, f instance, neces against t custom o which I had i more espec in mi to sp in wri these li . The stra in London is forew that a Easter a the wo goes o of to , and th if h has n mind t be le as lon as Marius on t ruins o Carthage, h , too, h better ma arrangements f a temp absence.



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