Henry James, Jr.

(......) When Easter Monday came i_ was obv____ that ev___ one (......) h__ gone o__ of to__. There w__ hardly a pair o_ shutters i_ the West End th__ was n__ closed; th___ was n__ a be__ that i_ was a__ use t_ pull. The weather w__ detestable, t__ rain ince_____, and t__ fact th__ all on___ friends we__ away ga__ one ple___ of lei____ to ref____ that t__ country mu__ be t__ reverse o_ enlivening. But all on___ friends h__ gone thi____ (this i_ the unan_____ I be___ by tal____ about), a__ to ke__ down a_ much a_ possible t__ proportions o_ that ga__ of hide-a_______ of wh___, at t__ best, s_ much o_ London soc___ life cons____, it see___ wise t_ bring wit___ the lim___ of t__ dull sea___ any su__ excursion a_ one mi___ have proj_____ in commem_______ of t__ first da__ of spr___. After d__ cogitation I paid a little vi___ to Canterbury and Dover, taking Rochester by t__ way, a__ it w__ of th__ momentous jou____ that I proposed, i_ beginning th___ remarks, t_ give a_ account. But I ha__ dallied s_ much b_ the w__ that I have co__ almost t_ my rop___ end wit____ reaching m_ first st___. I sho___ have be___, artistically, b_ relating th__ I p__ myself i_ the hu___ for rem___ adventure b_ going do__ the Thames on a penny stea_____ tothe Tower! This w__ on t__ Saturday bef___ Easter a__ the City was a_ silent a_ the gr___.