Henry James, Jr.

Where w_ have cus____ people cert_____ follow th__; but f__ five American customs th___ are fi___ English. I am ve__ far fr__ having disco_____ the sec___; I ha__ not i_ the le___ learned wh__ becomes o_ that expl_____ personal fo___ in t__ English char_____ which i_ compressed a__ corked do__ by soc___ conformity. I look wi__ a cer____ awe a_ some o_ the manifes_______ of t__ conforming spi___, but t__ fermenting idiosyn_______ beneath i_ are hid___ from m_ vision. The most stri____ example, t_ foreign ey__, of t__ power o_ custom i_ England i_ of cou___ the univ_____ church-going-. In the si___ of a__ England get____ up fr__ its t__ and to___ of a Sunday mor____ and brus____ its h__ and dra____ on i__ gloves a__ taking i__ wife o_ its a__ and mak___ its offs_____ march bef___, and s_, for dece____', respectabilitys', propr______ sake, mak___ its w__ to a place o_ worship appo_____ by t__ State, i_ which i_ respects t__ formulas o_ a cr___ to wh___ it atta____ no posi____ sense a__ listens t_ a ser___ over t__ length o_ which i_ explicitly hag____ and grum____, ---- i_ this gr___ exhibition th___ is some_____ very stri____ to a stranger, some_____ which h_ hardly kn___ whether t_ pronounce ve__ sublime o_ very pue____. (......)

The way i_ which t__ example o_ the mo__ comfortable cla____ imposes its___ upon t__ less comfo______ may o_ course b_ noticed i_ smaller mat____ than church______-; in a great ma__ matters wh___ it m__ seem tri____ to men____. If o__ is be__ upon obser______ nothing, how____, is tri____. So I may ci__ the prac____ of kee____ the serv____ out o_ the ro__ at brea_____. It i_ the fas____, and s_, apparently, thr____ the len___ and bre____ of England, every o__ who h__ the slig_____ pretension t_ standing hi__ enough t_ feel t__ way t__ social bre___ is blo____ conforms t_ it. It is awk____, unnatural, troub______ for th___ at ta___, it invo____ a va__ amount o_ leaning a__ stretching, o_ waiting a__ perambulating, a__ it h__ just th__ vice aga____ which, i_ English his____, all gr___ movements ha__ been ma__ ---- i_ is arbi_____.