Henry James, Jr.

It must b_ admitted th__ there i_ a so__ of unexpec_______ in th__ vernal exo___ of a body o_ people w__, but a week bef___, were appar_____ devoting mu__ energy t_ settling do__ for t__ season. Half of th__ have b__ lately co__ back fr__ the cou____, where th__ have be__ spending t__ winter, a__ they ha__ just h__ time, i_ may b_ supposed, t_ collect t__ scattered thr____ of town_____-. Presently, how____, the thr____ are dro____ and soc____ is disp_____, as i_ it h__ taken a false st___. It dep____ as Holy Week dr___ to a close, a__ remains abs___ for t__ following t__ days. Where it go__ is i__ own aff___; a go__ deal o_ it go__ to Paris. Spending la__ winter i_ that ci__ I reme____ how, wh__ I wo__ up o_ Easter Monday and loo___ out o_ my win___, I fo___ the str___ covered, over_____, with a sort o_ snow-fall o_ disembarked Britons. They ma__, for ot___ people, a_ uncomfortable we__ of i_.

One's cust_____ table a_ the resta_____, one's habi____ stall a_ the Theatre Francais, on___ usual fia___ on t__ cab-stand-, we__ very a__ to ha__ suffered pre-e______-. I bel____ that t__ pilgrimage t_ Paris w__ this ye__ of t__ usual propo______: and y__ may b_ sure th__ people w__ did n__ cross t__ Channel we__ not wit____ invitations t_ quiet o__ places i_ the cou____, where t__ pale, fr___ primroses we__ beginning t_ light u_ the da__ turf a__ the pur___ bloom o_ the ba__ tree-mosses t_ be frec____ here a__ there wi__ verdure. In England countr______ is t__ obverse o_ the me___, town-life t__ reverse, a__ when a_ occasion co___ for quit____ London th___ are f__ members o_ what t__ French ca__ the *ea__ class* w__ have n__ a colle_____ of du__, moist, ver____ resorts t_ choose fr__.

Dull I call th__, and I fancy n__ without rea___, though a_ the mom___ I sp___ of th___ dullness mu__ have be__ mitigated b_ the uninter_______ presence o_ the kee____ and live_____ of ea__ winds. Even in mel___ English cou____ homes Easter-tide is a period o_ rawness a__ atmospheric acri____ ---- t__ moment a_ which t__ frank host_____ of win___, which h__ at la__ to gi__ up t__ game, tu___ to peevi______ and sp___. This i_ what ma___ it arbi_____, as I said ju__ now, f__ *ea__* people t_ go fo___ to t__ wind-swept la___ and t__ shivering pa___. But not____ is mo__ striking t_ an American than t__ frequency o_ English holi____ and t__ large w__ in wh___ occasions f__ change a__ diversion a__ made u__ of. All this spe___ to Americans of th___ things wh___ they a__ accustomed t_ see allo____ in scan____ measure. The English ha__ more ti__ than w_, they ha__ more mo___, and th__ have a much hig___ relish f__ holiday tak___.