Henry James, Jr.

(......) Passion Week, i_ London, i_ distinctly a_ ascetic per___; there i_ really a_ approach t_ sackcloth a__ ashes. Private dissipation i_ suspended; mo__ of t__ theatres a__ music-halls a__ closed; t__ huge du___ city se___ to ta__ on a still sad___ coloring a__ a so__ of hu__ steals ov__ its mig___ uproar. At such a time, f__ a stra____, London i_ not chee____. Arriving th___, during t__ past win___, about Christmas-time-, I encou______ three British Sundays i_ a r__ ---- a spectacle t_ strike ter___ into t__ stoutest he___.

(......) From Good Friday t_ Easter Monday, inclusive, th__ were ve__ much e_ evidence, a__ it w__ an exce_____ occasion f__ getting a_ impression o_ the British populace. Gentility had ret____ to t__ background a__ in t__ West End all t__ blinds we__ lowered; t__ streets we__ void o_ carriages a__ well-dressed pedes______ were ra__; but t__ *masses* we__ all abr___ and mak___ the mo__ of th___ holiday, a__ I stro____ about a__ watched th__ at th___ gambols. The heavens we__ most unfav______, but i_ an English *outing* th___ is alw___ a mar___ left f__ a dren_____, and throu_____ the va__ smoky ci__, beneath t__ shifting gl___ of t__ sky t__ grimy cro___ trooped ab___ with a kind o_ weather-proof stol_____. The pa___ were fu__ of th__, the rai____ stations overf_____ and t__ Thames emban_____ was cov____. The *,mas___,* I th___, are usu____ an entert______ spectacle, ev__ when obse____ through t__ glutinous med___ of London bad wea____. There a__ indeed f__ things i_ their w__ more impre_____ than a dusky London holiday; i_ suggests a variety o_ reflections. Even looked a_ superficially t__ British cap____ is o__ of t__ most inter______ of cit___, and i_ is per____ on su__ occasions a_ this th__ I ha__ most fe__ its inte____. London i_ ugly, du___, dreary, mo__ destitute th__ any European city o_ graceful a__ decorative inci____; and tho___ on fes___ days, li__ those I speak o_, the popu____ is mas___ in la___ numbers a_ certain poi___, many o_ the str____ are em___ enough o_ human li__ to ena___ you t_ perceive th___ intrinsic hideo______. A Christmas Day o_ a Good Friday unco____ the ugli____ of London. As y__ walk al___ the str____, having n_ fellow-pedestrians t_ look a_, you lo__ up a_ the br___ brick house______-, corroded wi__ soot a__ fog, pie____ with th___ straight st___ window-slits a__ finished, b_ way o_ a cor____, with a little bl___ line resem_____ a sl___ of curb-_____-.