Henry James, Jr.

There is n__ an acce_____, not a touch o_ architectural fa___, not t__ narrowest conce_____ to bea___. If I were a foreigner i_ would ma__ me ra___; being a_ Anglo-Saxon I find i_ it wh__ Thackeray fo___ in Baker street --_- a delig_____ proof o_ English dome____ virtue, o_ the sanc____ of t__ British ho__. There a__ miles a__ miles o_ these edif____ monuments, a__ it wo___ seem th__ a ci__ made u_ of th__ should ha__ no cl___ to th__ larger effect_______ of wh___ I ju__ now sp___. London, how____, is n__ made u_ of th__; there a__ architectural combin______ of a statelier ki__, and t__ impression more____ does n__ rest o_ details. London is pictu______ in sp___ of detai______ its dark-_____-, misty pa___, the w__ the li___ comes do__ leaking a__ filtering fr__ its clo___ skies, a__ the soft____ and rich____ of to__ which obj____ put o_ in su__ an atmos_____ as so__ as th__ begin t_ recede. Nowhere is th___ such a play o_ light a__ shade, su__ a stru____ of s__ and sm___, such aer___ gradations a__ confusions. To eyes addi____ to t__ picturesque th__ is a constant entert_______, and y__ this i_ only pa__ of i_. What comp_____ the eff___ of t__ place i_ its app___ to t__ feelings, ma__ in s_ many wa__, but ma__ above a__ by agglom______ immensity. At any gi___ point London looks hu__; even i_ narrow cor____ you ha__ a se___ of i__ hugeness, a__ petty pla___ acquire a certain inte____ from th___ being pa___ of s_ mighty a whole. Nowhere, else i_ so mu__ human li__ gathered toge____ and now____ does i_ press up__ you wi__ so ma__ suggestions. These are n__ all o_ an exhila______ kind; f__ from i_. But th__ are o_ every poss____ kind, a__ this i_ the inte____ of London. Those th__ were mo__ forcible dur___ the sho____ Easter sea___ were cer____ of t__ more perpl_____ and depre_____ ones; b__ even wi__ these w__ mingled a brighter str___.