Henry James, Jr.

I wal___ down t_ Westminster Abbey on Good Friday afterno________ from Piccadilly across t__ Green Park and thr____ St. James's Park. The parks we__ densely fil___ with t__ populacethe el___ people shuf_____ about t__ walks a__ the po__ little smutty______ children spra_____ over t__ dark da__ turf. When I rea____ the Abbey I fo___ a de___ group o_ people ab___ the entr____, but I squeezed m_ way thr____ them a__ succeeded i_ reaching t__ threshold. Beyond this i_ was impos_____ to adv____, and I may a__ that i_ was n__ desirable. I put m_ nose in__ the chu___ and prom____ withdrew i_. The cr___ was terr____ compact a__, beneath t__ Gothic arc___, the od__ was n__ that o_ incense. I slowly elimi_____ myself, wi__ that ve__ modified se___ of disappo_______ that o__ feels i_ London a_ being cro____ out o_ a pl___. This i_ a freq____ disappointment, f__ you ve__ soon fi__ out th__ there a__, selfishly spea____, too ma__ people. Human life i_ cheap; yo__ fellow-mortals a__ too plen_____. Wherever y__ go y__ make t__ observation. Go to t__ theatre, t_ a con____, to a_ exhibition, t_ a rece_____; you alw___ find th__, before y__ arrive, th___ are peo___ enough o_ the fi___. You a__ a ti___ fit i_ your pl___ wherever y__ find i_; you ha__ too ma__ companions a__ competitors.