Henry James, Jr.

(......) All this, I admit, i_ a descr______ of t__ men rat___ than o_ the wo___; but t_ a cer____ extent i_ includes t__ women. There is mu__ more bea___ among English women o_ the lo___ class th__ strangers w__ are accus_____ to dw___ upon th___ *coarseness* reco_____. Pretty he___, pretty mou___ and che___ and ch___, pretty ey__ too, i_ you a__ content wi__ a mode____ brilliancy, a__ at a__ events char____ complexionsthese se__ to m_ to b_ presented i_ a ve__ sufficient abun_____. The capa____ of a_ Englishwoman f__ being hand____ strikes m_ as unli_____, and ev__ if (I repeat) i_ is i_ the luxu_____ class th__ it i_ most fre___ exercised, y__ among t__ daughters o_ the peo___ one se__ a gr___ many fi__ points. Among the m__ fine poi___ are strik_____ numerousespecially am___ the you____ ones. Now the sa__ distinction i_ to b_ made --_- the gent_____ are cert_____ handsomer th__ the vulga_____. But tak___ one yo___ Englishman wi__ another, th__ are physi_____ very we__ appointed.

Their features a__ finished, comp____, as i_ were, mo__ harmoniously th__ those o_ many o_ their nea___ and rem____ neighbors, a__ their fig____ are a__ to b_ both powe____ and com____. They pre____ to vi__ very mu__ fewer accid_____ noses a__ inexpressive mou___, fewer slo____ shoulders a__ ill-planted he___ of ha__, than th___ American kin____. Speaking alw___ from t__ sidewalk, i_ may b_ said th__ as t__ spring incr_____ in London and t__ symptoms o_ the sea___ multiply, t__ beautiful yo___ men w__ adorn t__ West-End pave_____, and w__ advance bef___ you i_ couples, arm-i_____--, fair-haired-, gray_____-, athletic, slow-st_______-, ambrosial, a__ among t__ most bril_____ features o_ the bril_____ period. I have i_ at he___ to a__ that i_ the English are hand_____ than ours_____, they a__ also ve__ much ugl___. Indeed I think th__ all t__ European peo____ are ugl___ than t__ American; w_ are f__ from prod_____ those magni______ types o_ facial eccent______ which flou____ among ol___ civilizations. American ugliness i_ on t__ side o_ physical pov____ and mean____; English o_ that o_ redundancy a__ monstrosity. In America th___ are f__ grotesques; i_ England th___ are man____ some o_ them a__ almost hand____!

The element o_ the grot_____ was ve__ noticeable t_ me i_ the mo__ striking colle_____ of t__ shabbier English types th__ I h__ seen si___ I ca__ to London.