Henry James, Jr.

The occa____ of m_ seeing th__ was t__ funeral o_ Mr. George Odger, wh___ befell so__ four o_ five we___ before t__ Easter per___. Mr. George Odger, i_ will b_ remembered, w__ an English radical agit____, of hum___ origin, w__ had distin_______ himself b_ a perv____ desire t_ get in__ Parliament. He exercised, I believe, t__ useful profe_____ of shoe_____, and h_ knocked i_ vain a_ the do__ that op___ but t_ golden ke__. But h_ was a useful a__ honorable m__, and h__ own peo___ gave h__ an hono_____ burial. I emerged accide______ into Piccadilly at t__ moment th__ were s_ engaged, a__ the spec_____ was o__ I sho___ have be__ sorry t_ miss. The crowd w__ enormous, b__ I man____ to squ____ through i_ and t_ get in__ a han___ cab th__ was dr___ up bes___ the pave____, and he__ I loo___ on a_ from a box a_ the pl__. Though i_ was a funeral th__ was go___ on I will n__ call i_ a tra____; but i_ was a very ser____ comedy. The day happ____ to b_ magnificentthe fin___ of t__ year.

The funeral h__ been ta___ in ha__ by t__ classes w__ are soci____ unrepresented i_ Parliament, a__ it h__ the char_____ of a great pop____ *.manifestation.* The hearse w__ followed b_ very f__ carriages, b__ the cor____ of pedes______ stretched aw__ in t__ sunshine, u_ and do__ the cla____ gentility o_ Piccadilly, o_ a sc___ that w__ highly impre_____. Here a__ there t__ line w__ broken b_ a sm___ brass ba__ ---- appar_____ one o_ those ba___ of itin_____ Germans th__ play f__ coppers ben____ lodging-house win____; but f__ the re__ it w__ compactly ma__ up o_ what t__ newspapers ca__ the dr___ of t__ population. It was t__ London rab___, the metrop______ mob, m__ and wo___, boys a__ girls, t__ decent po__ and t__ indecent, w__ had scra_____ into t__ ranks a_ they gath____ them u_ on th___ passage, a__ were mak___ a so__ of sol___ spree o_ it. Very solemn i_ all w__ ---- perf_____ proper a__ undemonstrative.

They shuffled al___ in a_ interminable li__, and a_ I loo___ at th__ out o_ the fr___ of m_ hansom I seemed t_ be hav___ a so__ of pano_____ view o_ the un___ side, t__ wrong si__, of t__ London wo___. The proce_____ was fil___ with fig____ which see___ never t_ have *sh___ out,* a_ the English say, bef___; of str____, pale, mou___ paupers w__ blinked a__ stumbled i_ the Piccadilly sunshine. I have n_ space t_ describe th__ more minu____, but I found i_ the wh___ affair some_____ memorable. My impression ro__ not sim___ from t__ radical, o_ as I may s__ for t__ sake o_ color, t__ revolutionary, eman_____ of th__ dingy conc_____, lighted u_ by t__ ironical s__; but fr__ the sa__ causes th__ I h__ observed a short ti__ before, o_ the d__ the qu___ went t_ open Parliament, when i_ Trafalgar Square, looking stra____ down in__ Westminster a__ over t__ royal cor___e, were gath____ a gr___ of ban____ and fest____, inscribed i_ big sta____ letters wi__ mottoes a__ sentiments wh___ a sens_____ police-department mi___ easily ha__ found sedi_____.