"How Good are Your Prepositions?" by Harold J. Benjamin & Michael A. Riccioli - September 2014 (Dicoland) Sample Exercise 1

   at      at      down      into      Of      off      off      on      towards      under  
Test 1.1

1. At last he could lay his hand the back of the armchair.” (‘When the Sleeper Wakes’ by H.G. Wells) (place, position)

2. The project he’s been working on is coming along a snail’s pace. (manner - extremely slowly)

3. The deal is all as he refused to sign the document! (give up, stop an arranged event or a deal)

4. She’s written ten books and they’ve all been translated ten languages. (changing from one condition to another)

5. If you have a positive approach to things, you can be sure that people will gravitate you.
(orientation, movement - in the direction of )

6. all his books, the latest one is very popular here. (comparing)

7. It’s 35% if you buy a computer today! (costing less)

8. The recently-published book is about how the author fell Jenny’s spell. (experiencing; affected by)

9. You will find all the birth, marriage and death sea records, on our new website. (area of activity)

10. My computer’s been since I updated the operating system ... problem with the mother logic board? (not working)