"How Good are Your Prepositions?" by Harold J. Benjamin & Michael A. Riccioli - September 2014 (Dicoland) Sample Exercise 1

   against      at the top of      down      from      of      on      on      on      on      out      out      to      up  
Test 1.2

11. They all spoke him. (in opposition to - emotional force)

12. Life is a lot better east … (a long distance away)

13. He gave all the reading books to the students. (give sth to people)

14. I’m looking for a book called ‘Environmental Diseases A Z’. (which includes everything)

15. They’ve all been () the pub for a drink. (not standard [UK]) (to)

16. The suffering migrant workers has become intolerable! ( felt by)

17.He talked and until the bell rang. (perseverance)

18. She stopped all of a sudden and started yelling her voice. (extremely loudly)

19.They punched him the nose! (touching sb or sth)

20.It’s not that difficult to stand one’s head! (supporting - bodyweight)