a map of the world

England and Scotland

the little neighbouring islands

in the old days

the stormy sea

great ships

brave sailors

all parts of the world

the foaming waves

in stormy weather

across the water

France and Belgium

useful arts

foreign settlers

no roads

no bridges

no streets

no houses

a thick wood


forests and swamps

misty and cold

trunks of trees

metal rings

boats of basket work

skins of animals

of an awkward shape

they made light shields

fond of horses

every word of command

at full gallop

at full speed

a golden case

on particular occasions

as long as twenty years


open to the sky

some of which

uncomfortable houses

out of sight

fifty-five years

eighty vessels

twelve thousand men

the shortest passage

for the same reason

a high tide


twelve hundred tons

her Majesty's mails

a very thin mattress

one little sofa

utterly impracticable

thoroughly hopeless

the remotest reference

the imaginative artist

the same great work

a long narrow apartment

heavy weather


daily communication

formidable barrier

the natual transition

in less than two minutes

deplorable state of things

the door behind

rather dark

exceedingly difficult

quite incapable

artful mechanism

distracting circumstances

fair winds

bright face

a serious journey


in high spirits

in other words

in the water

heavy packages

in the mind

in an unlimited order

in the same direction

the lazy gentleman

with a faint smile

the little steamer

a most horrible confusion

opening locked doors

ring the bell

a strong giant

the breath of life

the noble ship


my infant tongue

she married the blacksmith

the shape of the letters

curly black hair

universal struggle

down by the river

a childish conclusion

upside down

dreadfully frightened

in an upright position

comfortable and safe

remember that young man

a black horizontal line

heavy rains


public buildings

in a certain town

for many reasons

to refrain from

most towns

sorrow and trouble

inestimable merit

of any age or country

born in a workhouse

most fortunate

a troublesome practice

easy existence

this brief period

careful grandmothers

anxious aunts

experienced nurses

with evident satisfaction

her cold white lips

hope and comfort


born on a Friday

part of my inheritance

in the newspapers

higher bargain

in our part of the county

fifty members

to feel quite uncomfortable

to feel confused

objectionable practice

greater emphasis

instinctive knowledge

the strength of her objection

white grave-stone

in the dark night

a wild legend

a cottage in a hamlet

a long way off

a delicate constitution

low in spirits

the fatherless little stranger


she bent her head

take off your cap

she was too much afraid

this odd request

such nervous hands

unusually youthful in appearance

in a short pause

practical idea of life

whispering secrets

a stormy sea

where are the birds

my poor dear mother

momentary intention

human beings

the parlour door


at the sound of a strange voice

she shut the door

the skirt of her dress

the low glimmer

strong constraint

this rough world

she paid me a good deal of attention

in another burst of distress

an interval of silence

a hundred and five pounds

housekeeping book




the word was appropriate

to see at a glance

unknown to my mother

a special messenger

in case of emergency

to fetch the nurse and doctor

those allied powers

an unknown lady

sitting before the fire

the solemnity of her presence

with his head on one side

he was almost shocked


the national school

a credible witness

occasional sounds

superabundant agitation

soon after his release

at such a time

extreme severity

domestic circumstances

the tremendous region